Our Services

At Luu-Bridgets Healthcare, we understand that everyone’s care needs are different, so we provide bespoke care services that address these unique outcomes. We are committed to delivering high-quality care and, with over 10 years’ experience, the management team are on hand to listen and work with you.

We offer a range of home care services to suit every circumstance, which includes but not limited to daily visits, respite care (sitting service), waking nights, sleeping nights and live-in care. We know that home care is not limited to the home, hence our services come to you no matter your location- in your own home, at a friend’s place, holiday location or in the care home.

Our Services

We also offer specialised care services for people living with Parkinson’s disease; behaviour that challenge, spinal cord injuries and one to one service for people living in the care home. If your loved one who is living in the care home, is at risk of harm and has been assessed as needing extra one to one support; please give us a call to us to see how we can help.

Our staff are fully trained and vetted with on-going training and supervision to ensure highest standard of care is delivered. Where specialist care is needed for people with complex needs, our staffs receive tailor-made training from our training partners to meet the customer’s outcomes.

If you are looking for a home care service for yourself, friend or family, please contact us for a no obligation assessment. Or request a call back for a chat about your inquiry.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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