DBS Application Form

A) Applicant Details

If 'yes' you must complete the full name(s) in a5 - a13 as appropriate, if 'no' go to a 14
Use a continuation sheet if necessary, available from www.gov.uk/dbs

If 'yes' you must complete a21, - if "no" go to a22

If 'yes' you must complete a23, - if "no" go to a24

If 'yes' you must complete a25, - if "no" go to a28

If 'yes' you must complete a29, - if "no" go to section B

B) Current Address

Please give details of your current address
This is the address to which all correspondence will be sent.

C) Other addresses

You must provide all other addresses where you have lived at in the last 5 years.
There must be no gaps in dates however overlapping dates are acceptable.
If not applicable go to section E

E) Declaration of Applicant

61) Declaration by the applicant.
By signing the applicant declaration box I confirm that the information that I have provided in this application is complete and true and understand that knowingly to make a false statement for this purpose may be a criminal offence.

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